Technology Platforms

          Digital Health and Wellness

Reduce healthcare costs and promote long-term well-being by encouraging healthier and happier lives and rewarding users for better lifestyles

Loyalty and Rewards

Boost traffic, engage customers, and generate sales through a loyalty program that builds stronger relationships by capturing and rewarding positive consumer behaviors

IP/Brand Protection and Security

Increase revenue by rapidly identifying, analyzing, and taking immediate action against threats detrimental to your brand

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Increase sales and reduce return rates by virtually extending your showroom into your customers’ homes

Big Data and Analytics

Increase store performance and sales conversion by matching web-based vendor capabilities to analyze customer traffic before the Point of Sale

Multi-Media Customer Communication

Build brand loyalty by enhancing the customer service experience into a new, fully-immersive realm

Consulting Services



Strategy and Partnerships

Supply Chain Optimization

Marketing and Cross Promotion

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