Today's Customer is


Empowered, connected, knowledgeable, demanding, collaborative, interactive, on the move, and more interested in pursuing self-service and multi-channel options.

Today's Customer


A BLEND of physical and digital channels to provide a richer shopping experience that offers new levels of convenience and a multitude of options.

Today's Customer's Journey is


  • Cycle through journey and never “exit” evaluation process
  • Technology enabled, customers expect to interact with retailers interchangeably across channels
  • More content is available to customers
  • Touch points customers are exposed to are ALWAYS ON

How Doost Helps Leading Retailers Remain Competitive

Doost Helps Retailers Overcome the 4 Main Challenges in their Transition to Omni-Channel Retailing:

  • Having a nimble, visible, real-time supply chain
  • Creating/establishing the customer experience as the definition of the "Brand"
  • Providing more personalized assortments
  • Integrating across channels