Helping Big Brands Reach More Targeted Consumers

Doost's Corporate Brand Partners benefit from our multi-platform and Omni-channel cross promotional solutions because we help get their brands and messages to highly targeted retail consumers. Because our retailers use our systems to market to a similar audience, yet offer products that complement – instead of compete with – our Corporate Brand Partners, our cross promotional campaigns are embraced with a warm welcome by everyone.

About Our WIN/WIN Cross Promotional Campaigns

Doost has three categories of cross promotional campaigns. As one of our Corporate Brand Partners, you have the opportunity to participate in and benefit from one or more of the following:

  • Being positioned in a joint display of products/brands that work together
  • Offering specials through reward, coupon, e-receipt or mobile platforms
  • Combining/Pooling mailing lists with our retailers to cross-promote your respective brands and products


Interested in Learning More About Being a Brand Partner?