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Doost Understands the Customer-Centric, Omni-Channel Needs of The Market...

...And Helps Leading Retailers Remain Competitive Through Technology


We leverage our expertise of the retail marketplace to develop and identify technology solutions designed to simultaneously integrate across all channels, capturing the key interfaces/touch-points that allow retailers a comprehensive way to blend the physical and digital worlds. These technologies allow our partner retailers to benefit by providing their customers with richer, more engaging/branded shopping experiences with new levels of convenience and a multitude of options.

We focus on providing effective means by which to merge the digital and physical worlds, creating engaging, entertaining, and effective consumer experiences that result in transactions.


We Achieve This Through Technologies Designed To...

1 - Help You Be There Wherever, Whenever, and However the Consumer Shops

       By allowing consumers the ability to move seamlessly across all channels at their discretion, we help you achieve                the Omni-Channel solution today’s connected customers demand whether they are shopping in-store, online, or on            their connected mobile device.

2 - Enhance Your Digital, In-Store Experiences by Providing:

·       Seamless Compatible Integration with Your Existing Solutions

·       New, Multi-Media Consumer Experiences

·       More Ways to Capture Key Customer Data as They Shop Across All Channels

·       Centralized and Independent Remote Management

3 - Be Web and Mobile Friendly

        Easily Integrates and Compatible with Any Retailer’s Existing Website and Mobile Applications

4 - Integrate Vertically

        Doost - Vertical Integration Strategy

        We take a product or goods category, then create an end-to-end Omni-Channel Solution around it that vertically                   integrates with retailers.

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