We Bridge the Gap Between the Worlds of Retail and Technology

Whether you are an existing retailer searching for new ways to stay competitive through technology, or you are a technology company seeking to expand your retail industry reach, Doost navigates you between these two industries with your needs at the forefront.

Technology innovation allows us to deliver Omni-Channel solutions that capture the key interfaces/touch-points designed to allow our retailers a comprehensive way to blend the physical and digital channels. In doing so, our retailers are able to provide their customers with richer, more engaging/branded shopping experiences with new levels of convenience and a multitude of options.

We understand the many challenges retailers are facing today in the, "Be there, wherever, whenever, and however the customer wants," marketplace. By leveraging vertically-integrated, Omni-Channel technology solutions we aim to help our retailers maintain and grow customer relationships while enhancing customer value across all channels.

Each of our software-driven solutions is designed to accomplish two things. One, provide a superior customer experience that educates and engages consumers. Second, by capturing valuable data along the way, our technologies allow our retailers to have more personalized and localized marketing strategies leading to a closer relationship between them and their customers. We believe these are the two keys for any retailer to be successful in the Omni-Channel marketplace. 

Contact us today if you are a:

1.    Retail industry professional seeking leading-edge technology solutions

2.   Technology company interested in expanding into the retail market

3.   Brand in search of new partnership opportunities

Doost, Inc. is a boutique agency with a focus on retail, technology innovation, and the integration between the two.